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I found it very illuminating and a great easy to read style.  I can now see why some of the things I was doing previously were well intentioned but totally counterproductive!  Janice, UK

I think it’s a great angle in the dieting debate.  I found it very readable and accessible with clear explanations.  This is where your book comes in with its strategies for success and help to avoid the pitfalls.  I think that it is very helpful not to be told that the reasons for self sabotage are all psychological – childhood baggage, but your hormones also play a large part in your body’s lack of response.  Dora, UK

I’ve bought the book and am half way through it.  It is great, very very clear.  Debbie, UK

A colleague has been talking enthusiastically about your new book.  (Where can I get it?)  Chris, UK

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AllystandingHormones affect us physically, mentally and emotionally and if you have problems in the following areas of your health they may be hormonally linked:

  • stress (e.g. cortisol, a stress hormone)
  • weight problems (e.g. insulin, blood sugar hormone and thyroid hormones)
  • immunity (e.g. cortisol)
  • depression and anxiety (e.g. cortisol and thyroid hormones)
  • headaches (e.g. oestrogen and cortisol)
  • tiredness and fatigue (e.g. cortisol and thyroid hormones)
  • loss of libido (e.g. oestrogen and cortisol)
  • disturbed sleep (e.g. cortisol)

and these are just a few examples …

Here is a more in depth and referenced explanation for you if you would like to know more click here

Please take a look around my site, explore the library where there are many of my published articles and take a look at my testimonials and case histories to find out what others have achieved.

The most valuable asset in life is your Self. The best investment you can ever make is in your health because with health, the dividend of life is the vitality to bring joy and success to your Self and those around you in a life fully lived.

Alyssa Burns-Hill

Why do I say clients and not patients?

I use the term client because I work in partnership with my clients to educate and inform them of aspects of health and well-being that are relevant to them, in a way that works for them.  Patients are, by definition, passive as they only receive medical care or treatment.

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